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With an honest and user centric approach, we co-create to develop film and digital universes from the core of our clients’ identity.

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mellow is a flexible team that works globally across countries, cultures, and people.

We contribute to the new era of visual content where honesty, user experience, and quality are in focus.

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Hi, I’m new!

After graduating from the European Film College, I have been striving to improve myself as a filmmaker. This has been made possible here at mellow where I brew coffee, but mainly work as a film editor.

Thor Zing Lodberg

Film Editor & Photographer

+45 22 83 01 26

Hi, I am Jens

and my first priority at mellow is to lead the creative process. Filmmaking is my one true passion and I love to push the boundaries for the creative outputs of projects.

Jens-Ulrik Helmbæk

Creative Developer

+45 27 85 10 89

Hi, I’m Christopher.

My main role in mellow is to equip and connect the right people with the current ideas. I treat our intangible products as if it were quality furniture and work to create products that will last.

Christopher J. Anker

Organizational Developer

+45 51 88 92 00

About mellow

What we believe

We are filmmakers, connected by our mutual passion for the media. Our backgrounds vary from music, design, communications, and still photography.

We ensure quality in our productions by working from a structured and explorative process that has been developed and tested by an incremental routine of incorporating new knowledge and capabilities from project to project.

Film as a media has changed tremendously the last couple of years. With the development of high quality cameras embedded in smartphones and DSLR cameras, everyone in the modern world can film and edit today. This has created two contrasts. One, a volcanic eruption of film content with poor quality standards, and the other, a new palette of inspiration and talent to draw upon.

We believe in collaborations with experts from a wide range of different industries. Film is all about collaboration.